The End is Almost Near

By: Scott Rogers

I am happy to announce our recording date has been set and the Cue Plot Device team plans on debuting the latest installment of the Cue Plot Device Podcast within the next week. Even though we haven’t been recording we have still been keeping up on all things nerdy and geeky. We didn’t put down our comic books, our controllers aren’t rusted and we didn’t boycott the movie theater. We are ready to hit it hard with some great content and a new segment or two!

We are all excited to give you a steady stream of content once again and I asked the rest of the crew to comment on the return of the Podcast:

“I cannot wait to tell you all our adventures!” – Andrew Kloosterhuis (Yosh)

“I knew Amiibo hoarding would be worth it!”Will Griffith (Dr. G)

“Mmm, no thanks. I don’t want to and you can’t make me.” – Keith Hansen (Chief)

“Yay, I get to leave the kitchen again.”Denée Rogers (The She)

It’s going to be great powering the mics up once again, and to do so on the eve of our 2-year ‘podcastaversary’ is just fitting! We look forward to connecting with our listeners once again!

We want to hear from you! You can comment below, review us on iTunes, e-mail or tweet us @cueplotdevice. Thanks for listening and as always; Spread the word to your fellow nerd!



TBT Ragnarok ‘n Roll – Episode 23

By: Denée Rogers

Woo! What a great episode! Dr. G talked about the super-cool Twin Galaxies Arcade Expo where he got to get his hands on some truly classic and vintage arcade games! The rest of the crew is quite jealous. Then we honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month by talking about our favorite female superheroes/comic book characters. Give episode 23 a listen and we’ll tell you all about them, but here are the guys top picks!


Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Alana (From Saga)

1145145-bg005_002          alana_3832


Cindy Moon (Silk) and Shiera Hall (Hawk Girl)

f2a562f2cecb954367a9f4cb81134439 justiceleagueSTARCROSSED


Susan Storm (Invisible Woman) and Kara Zor-El (Super Girl)

Invisible-Woman53Med_300   1264930_1376588151936_full


Anna Maria Marconi (Superior Spiderman) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

superior_annamaria                          Captain_Marvel_Vol_8_1_Textless

What are your favorite female superhero’s / comic book characters? We want to hear from you! You can comment below, e-mail or tweet us @cueplotdevice. Also, Chief asked what you would do with a third awesome hand/arm. Listen to our answers on Episode 23! Then tell us yours! Thanks for listening! Spread the word to your fellow nerds and shoot us some reviews!

Season 2 Coming Soon!

Recording in progress

By: Scott Rogers

Hey Listeners and readers! We are excited to tell you we are going ahead with Season 2 of Cue Plot Device! Recordings are underway and we expect to have the newest episode published within the next week. The same cast will be returning to reprise their rolls and with our powers combined we expect to bring you even more laughs and informative content about the nerdy and geeky things we love.

Go back and listen to a few older episodes to get ready for our upcoming release. Thank you for listening and spread the word to your fellow nerd!

Valentine’s Cards: Video Games Edition

By Dr. G

Marketing comes in many forms.  Companies latch on to anything that will make you think about there product.  This Valentine’s Day is no different.  The outcomes of this are varied.  Lets take a look at some of the best and worst Valentine’s Day cards video game companies have to offer this year.


Play Nintendo


In elementary school Valentine’s Day is an excuse to have candy and secretly market your favored toy, game, movie, cartoon, and such to your friends.  As a kid you never realize this is what you are doing.  Nintendo has latched onto this and made some great printable cards.  These are light-hearted and silly.  I don’t think they should feature Tingle in anything associated with children but I guess he just really left a bad first impression.  And a second.  And basically every impression ever.(Side note I know I am bias but Ganon is the best dressed person in Hyrule).


Nintendo is not limited to there old standbys.  Splatoon is one of their newest IPs so it seems all the kids will want to give heart shaped chalk(some claim it is candy) do there friends attached to these cards.  The obvious winner here is Jud the Cat.  In fact he should have had two entries because no one, I mean no one, wants a Captain Cuttlefish card.  Crabby Cakes!?  Really?  The only other weird card is Ink-credible.  Later on we will see worse examples of this but if you aiming for kids cards do we really want angry looking pictures?


Animal Crossings makes the most sense for these kinds of cards.  Everyone says cute, sorta nonsensical things in the game all the time.  Still Nook would only say this at the start of a date night where he up sold you into a triple mortgage.


EA Valentine’s Day


EA’s strategy was similar to Nintendo.  Take some of there (sorta) current games and make cute little cards.  Here this works very well for Unravle which was released just a few days ago.  Who wouldn’t like this cute little yarn guy.


After that there cards just get weird.  Who associates positive feelings with an Inquisition?


Then we have this gem.  The original Mirror’s Edge came out over 6 years ago.  Even if you know the game you also have to remember the main characters name is Faith.  A squeal is coming out soon but still this seems kinda week.  An more importantly in this game you jump off buildings and do crazy parkour stuff.  How they couldn’t spend a little more time to come up with something like “You make my heart beat faster than a 100 story drop”(That was also terrible but I am not being paid)


And then we have this guy.  I actually think the words here are clever and the heart drawing is pretty cool.  On the other hand this misses the whole point.  This card has to already exist.  EA does not own Soccer(Football for our international readers).  The point of these print cards is the store doesn’t have anything like these.  I am positive there is a soccer card out there and now I think I need to go hunt it down.  Also this might be the most boring pose they could have picked for this guy.


Destiny Twitter


The last set of cards we are looking at today are from Bungie.  I really like Bungie and enjoy there games so these cards should be right up my ally.  This first card works well because they have a Valentine’s Day event going on where you have to work with one other person you know.


Then we get into the craziness.  “I’m Burning for you”  That seems on par with other cards but why is this guy throwing a hammer at the reader?  Is this a good burning or a consult your doctor burning?  This potential violence seems out of place.  But it must be the only one right?


Nope it just gets worse.  “I’ve got you in my sights, Valentine!”  What?  This could be taken badly on so many levels.  Most cards as if you want to be somone’s Valentine.  Also this isn’t just a figurative “sights” it is literal.  “I’m watching you.  And may kill you.”


And last but not least we have this.  Again the words are fine but look at the picture.  This is obviously a bad relationship.  I have a feeling that after handing you the card as you read it the giver will shoot you with a taser gun.

So as you decide to pic cards for your loved ones(or fellow classmates) this year try and remember Valentine’s Day is about love not war.

Roomba for The Road – Episode 31

By: Scott Rogers

Oh man! It has been months since we have made a post on our website. Life just gets in the way sometimes. We will continue to do our best to keep all our mediums updated, but our first priority will always be getting a full length episode out to our listeners.



This week’s brilliant is brought to you by Harvard student Robert Flitsch who invented “road repairing” robots called Addibots. These things are basically robots with a 3D printer attached that have the ability to scan holes in an environment and deposit material to fill that hole. Flitsch’s ambition is to design them to repair potholes in roads autonomously. Quite the ambition Robby F! But we here at Cue Plot Device like to say “Go Big Or Go Home” so why don’t you just skip the Roving Robot part and go straight to road repairing drones? Just give us a 40% cut will ya?



In this episode we have lots of Nerdworthy News from Yosh the Scientist. Amazon has plans for physical location stores to pop up all over the country. The Captain thinks these will double as base stations for launching their drone empire. The Power Rangers are getting a reboot, will the ‘Heisenberg’ be back to reprise a role? Watching football on a Hololens may sound like a good idea, but then you think about it… and we all know a new Star Wars Lego video game is ALWAYS a good idea.



Do you remember WAYBACK when Mr. Peabody and Sherman was a tv show? Then they made the movie that came out over a year ago and now Netflix is giving new life to the once-popular kids show! With their newly announced roll out of original content, Netflix is carving a new place for itself in the digital world. The show is absolutely worth the watch, and because it’s on Netflix, we can all watch it the way we love most; binge watching!



This last weekend Captain, Yosh, Dr. G, and a few other friends surprised Chief for his birthday. Part of the birthday surprise was to visit Count Down Live LA to give one of their escape rooms a shot. If you have never played an escape room game before, do it, do it , do it. It’s super fun especially if you like puzzles and adventure games. We chose the Space Ship room which surprised us all with the creativity that went into making us feel like we were in a science fiction story.


Here’s how the game works: You and your  crew get locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. You all work together to solve puzzles and codes and find hidden objects that allow you to open doors, safes, panels to advance through the room until eventually you are able to escape. It was 60 minutes of non-stop fun that we would all recommend to anyone!

These kinds of games have been popping up in major cities everywhere and we HIGHLY recommend going to one. Just google search “Escape Room Games” and you are sure to find something. They tend to range from $25-$30 per person and usually have more than one story/room to choose from. So what are you waiting for! Get your crew together, and go become detectives for an hour!

We want to thank you for listening to our podcast and visiting our website. We do this stuff for you guys! We don’t want your money, just a review or two. Head over to iTunes and leave us some love! Thanks!

Halloween Special Verbal Adventure

Happy Halloween! We decided to try something new and fun as a 3-part Halloween Special. Dr. G, Chief, and Yosh become role playing characters in a world of The Captain’s creation. They are given a quest and the tools to complete it. It is a dangerous mission. Will they survive? Find out in our 3-part series. Also, please bare with us, it’s our first attempt at anything like this, it was fun to do and we hope you enjoy it! Check out the inspiration for their character costumes below!

DR.G as Agent Venom


YOSH as Agent P


CHIEF as Bro Lantern 


Follow their epic adventure! Let us know what you think! And if you send us fan art from the adventure the Captain WILL send you fizzy Bottlecap candies. It’s a promise! Keep listening and spread the word to your fellow nerds!

Episode 25 – OUTATIME

By: Scott Rogers

It’s here! October 21st 2015! The day Marty McFly went Back to the Future! Fans have waited for this day for a long time and the hosts of Cue Plot Device are certainly among them. This episode gives a great shout out to the Back to The Future trilogy.

But we’ll get to that.


It’s such a good time to be an American and to be alive. It’s probably safe to say that the majority of humans like pizza. It’s just a fact of life. And it’s also safe to say the majority of humans (especially us Americans) like convenience. One modern convenience that we hold dear is food delivery services, ESPECIALLY pizza delivery. Well say goodbye to that thermal pizza warmer bag and say hello to…..


Image converted using ifftoany

Oh it’s beautiful. You can say it. Complete with 80-pie capacity pizza warmer, this 2015 Chevy Spark has gotten the update of a life time. It’s now a one-passenger, sauce-toting, soda-packing, TMNT turtle-feeding, pizza delivery machine! In the next 3 months, major U.S. cities will be getting them! Listen to Episode 25 to learn more about it!



Dr.G gives us a good rundown on a recent Audible release: Locke and Key. Based on the award-winning graphic novel series of the same name, this “audio play” is quite entertaining. Complete with amazing voice actors, great narration, and fantastic foley, this radio-drama-like adaptation is action packed and spooky enough to listen to right before Halloween. Even better, its free for a limited time. So get it now off Creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez bring you into a mysterious magical world of keys… and Lockes… though the Lockes are people not actual locks…. just give it a listen will ya?!


Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads…” – Doc Brown

We purposefully recorded this Episode AND released it on October 21st, 2015 in honor of the day that Marty McFly went back to the future. Good times were had in this segment of the episode where we reminisce about the fantastic Back to The Future trilogy, and ultimately, lay down the cars WE think should/would be used in a Back to The Future reboot. Not that it should ever happen…

Yosh’s Pick
1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Not too old, not too new. A good likeness to the “Delorean-eske” obscurity of the original time machine but with more power and style.

Chief’s Pick
Classic Volkswagen Beetle

Sturdy, steel-built frame, a “timeless” feel, and style to boot. Hard to beat this pick.

Dr. G’s Pick
Tesla Model X


Hard to imagine drifting through desert plains in this piece of sweet tech but with science comes beauty. Complete with the gull-wing doors that the Delorean sports, this baby will do well over 88mph and you don’t need 1.21 gigawatts, just 120V power plug will do.

The Captain’s Pick
1990 Nissan 300ZX Turbo (with scissor doors)


Although not standard, this model has a modern take on the gull-wing doors sporting some sweet scissor-doors, picked as an homage to the Delorean we all have come to love. It’s not lacking in power or style either. Doc Brown would love this great time period upgrade.

Your Pick

What car would you pick to replace, or at least follow the iconic Delorean from Back to the Future? Email answers to or tweet us @cueplotdevice!


Chief wants to know what “deals” or special promotions you’ve totally taken advantage of and abused. We want you to beat our buy one get one free no limit Dariy Queen promotion where for a full year we got two ice-cream cakes for the price of one without shame. Let us know of some of your favorite deals-of-a-lifetime by emailing or tweeting us!

Thanks for listening!