Star Wars: For Better Or For Worse

Okay, okay. Here is the mandatory post. Thanks a lot, Yosh!

Your feelings about the next Star Wars film “The Rise of Skywalker” don’t really matter. You are going to watch the teaser and you are probably going to spend money to go see it anyway. So, if you are determined to be disappointed, I suggest letting that happen when it does. Enjoy the Star Wars hype-train until it arrives at the holidays.

Besides, we have The Mandalorian to mop up our tears (happy or sad) and that hits first thing in November! Its going to be pure television gold!

We can’t leave out the last hope in the next half decade for a legitimate Star Wars video game. Though we haven’t seen any game-play footage for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the teaser below is sure to get you socking away a few bucks in case you don’t receive it as a gift.

Disney Plus will probably make it pretty easy to catch up on The Clone Wars, and you just might want to do that with the 7th Season trailer promising the series to bring it’s A-game.

Here is a whole lot of teasing… 2019 is probably going to be the best Christmas to be a Star Wars fan since 2005.


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