From Here On Out

Finding the time for hobbies can be pretty difficult. Lining up all four of our schedules to record a podcast as life unfolds gets increasingly challenging. For the third time now we are giving it another shot with Cue Plot Device Season 3!

Some changes we’ve made include only putting out a full-length episode once a month. This will be our standard format with some Nerd News, a shorter topic segment, then the meat of the episode: Deep in Plot. Then, different hosts will be putting out Minisodes throughout the month. These are shorter, more consumable and topic-driven episodes. We found they were the most loved and listened to so we are going to give you more of them! Finally, from time to time, we will drop some Verbal Adventures, where we break the rules of table-top RPG’s and have a blast.

We’ve widened our listener net with adding our podcast to Spotify and GooglePlay. You’ll find this website and our Twitter feed will be more active as we start to dig into the social media scene where we hope to make some great connections with the communities surrounding the topics we enjoy.

From here on out we hope to dump some seriously fun content into your ears so just bite the bullet and subscribe where you get your podcasts. Just one post or one recommendation keeps us hopping on to the next listener so rate us and then spread the word to your fellow nerd!

Thank you for listening!
-CPD Team

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