The End is Almost Near

By: Scott Rogers

I am happy to announce our recording date has been set and the Cue Plot Device team plans on debuting the latest installment of the Cue Plot Device Podcast within the next week. Even though we haven’t been recording we have still been keeping up on all things nerdy and geeky. We didn’t put down our comic books, our controllers aren’t rusted and we didn’t boycott the movie theater. We are ready to hit it hard with some great content and a new segment or two!

We are all excited to give you a steady stream of content once again and I asked the rest of the crew to comment on the return of the Podcast:

“I cannot wait to tell you all our adventures!” – Andrew Kloosterhuis (Yosh)

“I knew Amiibo hoarding would be worth it!”Will Griffith (Dr. G)

“Mmm, no thanks. I don’t want to and you can’t make me.” – Keith Hansen (Chief)

“Yay, I get to leave the kitchen again.”Denée Rogers (The She)

It’s going to be great powering the mics up once again, and to do so on the eve of our 2-year ‘podcastaversary’ is just fitting! We look forward to connecting with our listeners once again!

We want to hear from you! You can comment below, review us on iTunes, e-mail or tweet us @cueplotdevice. Thanks for listening and as always; Spread the word to your fellow nerd!


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