Roomba for The Road – Episode 31

By: Scott Rogers

Oh man! It has been months since we have made a post on our website. Life just gets in the way sometimes. We will continue to do our best to keep all our mediums updated, but our first priority will always be getting a full length episode out to our listeners.



This week’s brilliant is brought to you by Harvard student Robert Flitsch who invented “road repairing” robots called Addibots. These things are basically robots with a 3D printer attached that have the ability to scan holes in an environment and deposit material to fill that hole. Flitsch’s ambition is to design them to repair potholes in roads autonomously. Quite the ambition Robby F! But we here at Cue Plot Device like to say “Go Big Or Go Home” so why don’t you just skip the Roving Robot part and go straight to road repairing drones? Just give us a 40% cut will ya?



In this episode we have lots of Nerdworthy News from Yosh the Scientist. Amazon has plans for physical location stores to pop up all over the country. The Captain thinks these will double as base stations for launching their drone empire. The Power Rangers are getting a reboot, will the ‘Heisenberg’ be back to reprise a role? Watching football on a Hololens may sound like a good idea, but then you think about it… and we all know a new Star Wars Lego video game is ALWAYS a good idea.



Do you remember WAYBACK when Mr. Peabody and Sherman was a tv show? Then they made the movie that came out over a year ago and now Netflix is giving new life to the once-popular kids show! With their newly announced roll out of original content, Netflix is carving a new place for itself in the digital world. The show is absolutely worth the watch, and because it’s on Netflix, we can all watch it the way we love most; binge watching!



This last weekend Captain, Yosh, Dr. G, and a few other friends surprised Chief for his birthday. Part of the birthday surprise was to visit Count Down Live LA to give one of their escape rooms a shot. If you have never played an escape room game before, do it, do it , do it. It’s super fun especially if you like puzzles and adventure games. We chose the Space Ship room which surprised us all with the creativity that went into making us feel like we were in a science fiction story.


Here’s how the game works: You and your  crew get locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. You all work together to solve puzzles and codes and find hidden objects that allow you to open doors, safes, panels to advance through the room until eventually you are able to escape. It was 60 minutes of non-stop fun that we would all recommend to anyone!

These kinds of games have been popping up in major cities everywhere and we HIGHLY recommend going to one. Just google search “Escape Room Games” and you are sure to find something. They tend to range from $25-$30 per person and usually have more than one story/room to choose from. So what are you waiting for! Get your crew together, and go become detectives for an hour!

We want to thank you for listening to our podcast and visiting our website. We do this stuff for you guys! We don’t want your money, just a review or two. Head over to iTunes and leave us some love! Thanks!

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