Halloween Special Verbal Adventure

Happy Halloween! We decided to try something new and fun as a 3-part Halloween Special. Dr. G, Chief, and Yosh become role playing characters in a world of The Captain’s creation. They are given a quest and the tools to complete it. It is a dangerous mission. Will they survive? Find out in our 3-part series. Also, please bare with us, it’s our first attempt at anything like this, it was fun to do and we hope you enjoy it! Check out the inspiration for their character costumes below!

DR.G as Agent Venom


YOSH as Agent P


CHIEF as Bro Lantern 


Follow their epic adventure! Let us know what you think! And if you send us fan art from the adventure the Captain WILL send you fizzy Bottlecap candies. It’s a promise! Keep listening and spread the word to your fellow nerds!

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