Dat Dem Dare Adventure Games – Episode 22

In this episode of Cue Plot Device Chief starts off the show with some hillbilly “mumbojumbo”, we discover Yosh has never been to a Disney Park, The Captain agrees to watch Steven Universe, and Dr. G just about looses it. It’s another all around great time with the crew of Cue Plot Device!


Ilana, Lance and Octus are far from ordinary teenagers. In fact, they are aliens of a very important nature. Lance is a soldier and Octus a bio-cybernetic robot whose duty is to protect llana who is actually the princess of their home planet Galaluna! They are on Earth masquerading as teenagers because they crash landed there while escaping the evil General Modula. When things get rough, Octus activates the sym-bionic defense program joining all three of them into the unstoppable, gigantor-robo, SYM-BIONIC TITAN!


All four of us agree that this show should never have been canceled. Yet another of Gennadiy Tartakovsky’s fine, yet under appreciated works. If you can get your hands on this cartoon gold, do it!


Yosh’s Pick: Myst Series


Adventure games rarely reach the difficulty and time-consuming complexity that the Myst game series did. Without getting too in-depth, the story revolves around an ancient race of people called the D’ni who have a special ability to write books that serve as portals between the ages. These ages are essentially different worlds of D’ni creation. You are caught between the ages tasked with uncovering a story and finding a path through the “mystical” ages.



Long nights were spent tag-teaming on this game and if you decide to pick one up (which you absolutely should) be sure to keep a journal of your exploits. “You’re gonna need it”.

Dr. G’s Pick: The Starship Damrey

cover_largeYou awake in a cryogenic stasis pod. A mechanical voice tells you to “remain calm”. From here, your task is to figure out a way to escape the stasis pod, then, uncover the mystery of the spooky abandoned starship you’ve been stranded on. And lastly… survive.


The Captain’s Pick: The Secret of Monkey Island


You are Gybrush Threepwood, a young newcomer on Mêlée IslandTM . Your sole desire? To become a pirate! To make it there the island’s pirate leaders give you three trials to complete: 1- Beat the island’s sword master in a duel,  2- Find buried treasure, and 3- Steal a valuable idol from the Governor’s Mansion. However, if you think it’s that crisp, cut and dry you would be mistaken. This game is packed with puzzles, humor and a whole lot of fun.



If you get the chance, nab this 1990’s point-and-click Lucasarts gem up. In fact, you can get the remastered edition on steam!

Chief’s Pick: King’s Quest

Well as we discovered, Chief hasn’t exactly finished many adventure games but he settled on a new one that all of us have played. King’s Quest! In this modern reboot of the old school computer game, you play out the past of the Kingdom of Daventry through a series of flashbacks as the young spunky boy named Graham. So far Sierra games has released the first of 5 quests. In Chapter One, your goal is to become a valiant knight. How you get there is up to you but one thing is for certain, you will meet many fantastical characters and solve a great many puzzles to make it there.



This lighthearted adventure game is a fun, story-book style, puzzle-based game that makes an interesting leap away from point-and-click and to a more interactive gaming interface. Good for kids and adults alike. Our only hope is that the puzzles get a little more difficult as the game progresses.

Thanks for visiting our website! We hope you take some time to listen to our podcast. It’s not scripted, it’s not forced, and best of all, it’s not for any monetary gain. We are just 4 friends talking about things we love. We release full-length (about 60 minute) episodes weekly along with minisodes on various fun subjects from time to time. It’s more than likely you’ll find something you enjoy! To our listeners: “Keep spreading the word to your fellow nerds!”.

-Cue Plot Device Crew

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