How Star Wars Fans Killed The EU – Episode 21

Wowiee! What a title. Can some one say Click Bait? And it worked! We’ve had responses from listeners expecting to be really mad at the crew of Cue Plot Device but changing their minds upon listening to our podcast. If you listened to the episode, you know that Doctor G was, of course, trolling you even though he made a very valid point. Yosh and The Captain defended the fans of Star Wars very well and I think all parties can agree on two things:

1 The old Star Wars Expanded Universe was amazing

2 We want more Star Wars

We can’t change what happened but hopefully this episode helped you see things from “a certain point of view” that might help you understand the controversy and allow fans to more easily accept the decannonization. Let’s all put our faith in J. J. Abrams and grab some popcorn in the lobby of your local theater on December 18. Do what you will with your Star Wars Legends books. Ours continue to be re-read and continue to have a place on our shelves no less important than any new Star Wars books from here on out. Here’s to all the authors, writers, artists, creators, readers, viewers, and fans out there. You created something truly phenomenal.


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