Episode 14 – NSA Skate Night!

Thanks or tuning in to Episode 14! If you haven’t checked it out do it now! bit.ly/cpdlisten This time we mention our friends in the NSA. Thanks for tuning in guys! Now, onto business.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.04.38 AMWe mentioned this game in the episode. If you don’t know what it is, but you like cats and breaking things, you should check it out. It’s on Steam! Click the link to go to their website:


Roller Skates

This is a public service announcement, mostly for Yosh the Scientist, but also for all you other old souls out there. Roller Skates are out, Roller Blades are in. It makes sense on all levels. Roller Skates = Death. Roller Blades = tons of fun. Don’t believe me? Here’s what happened to Yosh when he took some Skates out for a spin:


Lexus Hoverboard


We promised and now we deliver. Lexus has recently unveiled their fully functional hoverboard. Back to the Future fans have dreamed of this moment for a long time. However, it is a slightly veiled announcement. They don’t try to hide the fact that it is too good to be true because for it to work you have to buy the entire skate park that goes with it. As many have said before, it seems the only way to get a hoverboard to work is if we use magnets. That’s what Lexus did, building a skatepark with steel bars under every surface, including the water features in the park. So yes Biff’s goons, this overboard DOES work on water. Don’t believe me, watch the video!

Kings Quest


The old Sierra game Kings Quest has been reimagined! Three of us played it and discuss it on the podcast and we were not disappointed. This is definitely a good game to pick up if you like adventure games and solving puzzles. So far you can download the first story Chapter 1 and after that they will continue to release stories for the game as they make them. Its good for kids too! Want to hear more about it? Check out Episode 14! bit.ly/cueplotdevice

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