Better Times Ahead


Everyone knows it is difficult to get any kind of schedule going during the summer. Things are no different with Cue Plot Device. We’ve done our best to pump out full episodes on a regular basis and we’ve been slipping up recently. However, members of the crew will have their personal lives settling down in the next two weeks which will allow for better scheduled recording times. This also means that the website, Facebook account, and Twitter account will be more regularly maintained.

We apologzie for the slight mess but as you can see the website has been given an update and we’ve got a new minisode up with a full length episode coming this week. The crew of Cue Plot Device thanks you for your support and for visiting our page and interacting with us.

We don’t want your money, just your input! Reviews, ratings, and emails to are all we want. Give us suggestions on how to make the show better and we will take them to heart. We do this for fun, and we want it to be something people enjoy listening to. Thanks again for listening!

-The CPD Crew

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