Episode 11 – Wireless Nunchucks

Hololens at E3

Gaming tech is taking leaps and bounds! If you missed it, here’s the Hololens demonstration from E3 showcasing Minecraft made specifically for the device:

Xbox Elite Controller 

It’s here ladies and gentlemen, the next generation of elite gaming gear! The Xbox Elite Controller for Xbox One is insanely expensive and insanely customizable. Here’s the quick overview:


 – USB Cable Included
– Windows Compatible
–  Interchangeable D-pads and 6 Thumbsticks
– Stainless Steel Interchangeable programable paddles
(keep your thumbs on the sticks!)
– Hair Trigger Locks
– Button Mapping
– Adjustable Thumbstick Sensitivities
– Carrying Case 

You can pre-order yours today… for $150 shmackarooooos! http://bit.ly/preorderelitecontroller 


Incase you missed it on twitter (@cueplotdevice) we figured we should share @Nerdlif3 ‘s Hastings find: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Copter! Now is the time to cross the streams!

Podcast Reviews

In our Plot Device podcast we gave a review on some podcasts that The Captain sampled recently and wanted to share with you. But please don’t listen to Chief, we want you to keep listening to us…

Sourcefed Podcast –
About nothing and everything. A fun podcast of a variety of comedians discussing everyday topics in a funny down-to-earth style.

@sourcefed youtube.com/scourcefed

Skip To The End – 
A Bi-Weekly film review podcast staring Adam, Ben, and Mark. Honest opinions on recent films including behind the scenes facts regarding predecessors, actors, and directors. A well-informed film review podcast.


The Long and Late Movie Show
New film release review podcast. Russell, Leighton, and Shira really know their stuff. They delve into plot and character development and have special guests and interviews from time to time.

@landlmovieshow longandlatemovieshow.tumblr.com

The Mac and Cheese Podcast
Weird and science news stories told by Aussies Andy Mac and Steady McFly. They are hilarious and tell some of the funnies stories in a way that just makes you want to keep listening. Tons of fun.


The Adventure Zone
A wickedly fun DND podcast by the McElroys in a world of their own creation. One of our all-time favorite casts.


The Moth 
A podcast dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. If you like to hear a good story, this is the place to go. The best thing is, they are short stories, so very consumable. Check them out!

@themoth themoth.org

E3 Video Game Announcement Picks!

We will add this later in a new post. For now check out our twitter feed for updated information: @cueplotdevice

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