Noteworthy Trailers/Teasers

Hey everyone! Here are links for the trailers/teasers we mention in Episode 5. Start saving up your money because there are a LOT of movies on their way to a theater near you. Also, set some time aside to watch these because there are quite a few of them. – Cue Plot Device Team

Jurassic-World-Poster-OfficialJurassic World Trailer #2:

james-bond-24-spectre-poster Spectre:

Harrison-Ford-as-Hans-Solo-with-Chewbacca-570996 Force Awakens Teaser #2:

disney-tomorrowland-logo Tomorrowland Trailer #3:

Inside-Out-Teaser-Poster Inside Out Trailer #2:

terminator-genisys-motion-poster Terminator Genisys Tralier #2:

Ant-Man-Comic-Con_612x942 Antman:

fantastic_four___teaser_poster_by_mrsteiners-d6cf9xh  Fantastic Four:

IMG_11756100710077 Batman Vs. Superman:

mad-max-poster Mad Max: Fury Road:

mr-holmes-poster Mr. Holmes:

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