Polygon gives the scoop on Star Wars Battlefront

CCr1XRJWAAEw4II__1_.0If you haven’t already seen the trailer (released today) of the new Star Wars Battlefront video game, stop reading and click the link below. This game is highly anticipated and is looking to be one of the best games of the year. Reportedly there will be no space battles like the ones in the first Battlefront game (we are pretty disappointed about that) but it looks like there will be atmosphere ship-to-ship combat and there are probably going to be other aspects of the game that will completely overshadow the lack of space battles. Here are some highlights that we really liked:

40 player battles (20 vs 20) – This will be incredible and very unique to any other video game out there.

Spawn buddies – Reportedly when you re-spawn, you re-spawn in pairs

3rd and 1st person shooter – You can choose whichever suits your style

No traditional campaign but there are online solo challenges – We wanted a campaign, but this is okay too

Some stores are allowing you to reserve a copy or at least a place in line for the release on Nov. 17. So far the only store we have seen this in is Target where you can buy a 1$ reservation card. In the meantime, check out the trailer below and follow Polygon on twitter. They got a sneak peak of the games and have good information about it:


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