May the Fourth 2019 Star Wars Comic Giveaway!

Thanks for listening to Cue Plot Device! In honor of May the Fourth and Free Comic Book Day, we are giving away a bunch of Star Wars comic books! This giveaway runs until 11:59pm on 5/4/19 PST.

To enter, find our pinned tweet on Twitter  @cueplotdevice

1. Follow @cueplotdevice on Twitter.

2. Like and RT that pinned tweet.

3. Listen to Episode 4 “MAY The 4th Be With HEW – The Inferiority Complex Of Palpatine” dropping on 5/4/19 to learn how to gain extra entries!

Check out these sick comic giveaways and May the 4th be with you!

Prize 1: Episode I The Phantom Menace


Prize 2: Splinter of the Mind’s 1-4 (full mini series)


Prize 3: Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back
(what if Luke never makes it off Hoth?)


Prize 4: Double-Sided Previews for Knights of the Old Republic and Rebellion

Prize 5: The Bounty Hunters: Scoundrel’s Wages


Prize 6: Vader: Dark Visions #1


Prize 7: Galaxy’s Edge #1


Prize 8: Tales from Vader’s Castle #1 and #2


Prize 9: Tie Fighter #1


Prize 10: Imperial Cadet #1 and #2


Prize 11: X-Wing Rouge Leader #1, #2, and #3


Star Wars: For Better Or For Worse

Okay, okay. Here is the mandatory post. Thanks a lot, Yosh!

Your feelings about the next Star Wars film “The Rise of Skywalker” don’t really matter. You are going to watch the teaser and you are probably going to spend money to go see it anyway. So, if you are determined to be disappointed, I suggest letting that happen when it does. Enjoy the Star Wars hype-train until it arrives at the holidays.

Besides, we have The Mandalorian to mop up our tears (happy or sad) and that hits first thing in November! Its going to be pure television gold!

We can’t leave out the last hope in the next half decade for a legitimate Star Wars video game. Though we haven’t seen any game-play footage for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the teaser below is sure to get you socking away a few bucks in case you don’t receive it as a gift.

Disney Plus will probably make it pretty easy to catch up on The Clone Wars, and you just might want to do that with the 7th Season trailer promising the series to bring it’s A-game.

Here is a whole lot of teasing… 2019 is probably going to be the best Christmas to be a Star Wars fan since 2005.



In our Episode ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ we gushed over the animation style, storytelling, non-stop action and hi-jinks-filled brilliance of the film. We also had to draw attention to the music during the end credits, specifically ‘Spidey-Bells’, which seemed to be a one-off comedy single for the credits.

Turns out its not! There’s an entire album recorded by the cast of ‘Into the Spider-Verse’! Click ol’ Spidey below to check it out on Apple Music! When you’re done with that, if you haven’t already, go listen to ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ by Cue Plot Device where you get your podcasts!


Foldable Phones of the Future

It’s not that we don’t like tech, but 6 cameras?! Samsung and Huawei battle it out for the top seat on the ‘foldable phone market’ which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly consumer friendly at the moment. Check out the specs below and you can click the photos to jump to their promotional web pages for more information and photos.

Scroll to the bottom to vote on your favorite of the two on our twitter feed!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Photo Credit: Samsung

Galaxy Fold

Huawei Mate X

Photo Credit: Huawei

Mate X


From Here On Out

Finding the time for hobbies can be pretty difficult. Lining up all four of our schedules to record a podcast as life unfolds gets increasingly challenging. For the third time now we are giving it another shot with Cue Plot Device Season 3!

Some changes we’ve made include only putting out a full-length episode once a month. This will be our standard format with some Nerd News, a shorter topic segment, then the meat of the episode: Deep in Plot. Then, different hosts will be putting out Minisodes throughout the month. These are shorter, more consumable and topic-driven episodes. We found they were the most loved and listened to so we are going to give you more of them! Finally, from time to time, we will drop some Verbal Adventures, where we break the rules of table-top RPG’s and have a blast.

We’ve widened our listener net with adding our podcast to Spotify and GooglePlay. You’ll find this website and our Twitter feed will be more active as we start to dig into the social media scene where we hope to make some great connections with the communities surrounding the topics we enjoy.

From here on out we hope to dump some seriously fun content into your ears so just bite the bullet and subscribe where you get your podcasts. Just one post or one recommendation keeps us hopping on to the next listener so rate us and then spread the word to your fellow nerd!

Thank you for listening!
-CPD Team